Gran Sasso is a mountain in central Italy, one of the highest in the country and the loftiest summit in the entire Apennines range. Known for its majestic peaks and rugged cliffs, it’s become the namesake of our business, in tribute to where company founder and owner Joe Scurti first discovered his love for fine coffee: Italy. His enthusiasm for the most flavourful coffees and espressos led Joe to start his own business in the coffee trade. Established in 2002, Mondial Services provided customers with the finest in coffee-making machines and premium, specially roasted coffees.

Recently, Joe decided to honour his initial inspiration by rebranding the company and adopting the new name, Gran Sasso. The mountain itself is a special place in Italy, every year attracting scores of visitors who come to admire the mountain’s stunning vistas and natural beauty. We like to think our company is special too, focussed as it is on both top quality products and the highest standards in customer service. You might say we strive for nothing less than the highest peak of customer satisfaction.

We at Gran Sasso also believe that, reminiscent of the sturdy mountain itself, our company is solidly built, established upon the bedrock of sound moral principles. We believe in integrity and honesty, and take our obligations to our clients very seriously. For this reason, we have been careful to grow our company in a measured and prudent fashion, ensuring uniform standards of service to all our customers, while maintaining the flexibility required to satisfy the needs of a diverse client base. We pay attention to the individual needs of each customer and work to find the best solutions for their unique circumstances.

Explore our website and learn more about what Gran Sasso has to offer. We’re certain we can provide you with the quality, value and service you’re looking for. From reliable round-the-clock coffee and snack dispensers, to the finest in specially roasted coffees, to water coolers and home coffee brewers whatever your needs, we at Gran Sasso won’t rest until we’ve brought you to the summit of complete satisfaction.